Lower Back Problems can Linger for a Long Time

Lower back problems have the potential to linger for months (or years) on end. Just when you think you’re making progress, you come to realize that you’ve once again tweaked your injury. Recently, we consulted with a patient who re-injured a lower back injury when working around home. After first[…]

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Don’t Give Up After an Unsuccessful Spinal Operation

Spinal surgery, regardless of the need for it, is a serious procedure that has the potential to affect your life in a variety of ways. It’s your hope that it changes your life for the better, but there’s no guarantee. We recently consulted with a patient who underwent an unsuccessful[…]

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You Need a Dedicated Medical Team to Make a Full Recovery

A back or neck injury has the potential to slow you down, cause you pain, and make it difficult to live your best life. While it’s frustrating to deal with such a serious injury, it’s good to know that there’s help available. With a dedicated medical team on your side,[…]

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Patient Goes from Barely Able to Walk to Living Her Best Life

Last year, we consulted with a patient who previously underwent a microdiscechtomy under the supervision of an orthopedic spine surgeon. Despite the surgery, she continued to suffer from extreme pain and weakness from the waist down. After once again consulting with her original surgeon, she was told that there was[…]

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