Patient Testimonials

“Discectomy Fusion C4-C5. This was my 3rd surgery with Dr. Sharma. All in different areas of the spine. He was able to mend a failed lumbar surgery completed by another doctor. I’ve recently had a c4 fusion. The team he has assembled for surgery is outstanding! Everyone came in to pre op to explain their role in my care and answered any questions I had. Dr. Sharma is beyond the best neurosurgeon I have the pleasure of knowing. I would never trust anyone else. I can’t stress enough that his office staff, surgery team and skills is above and beyond.”
Marielan Fatula


“Dr. Sharma and his entire office are nice, helpful and easy to work with. Dr. Sharma takes the time during a OV to sit down and explain things in a way I understand. He did a great job of replacing my stimulator unit and even positioned it so it doesn’t hurt when I lean against it.

Casey K. deserves a special shout out! She helped me get things scheduled quickly and when I called her the day before telling her I had COVID, she was very understanding and didn’t charge me for rescheduling. She is very responsive to my questions and will often times just pick up the phone and help me when I needed it. In fact some of the questions I had were outside her day-to-day I am guessing but she never sent me off to someone else. She always got back to me.

Highly recommended practice!” – Scott Hirni


“I was referred to Dr. Scharma by several people because they couldn’t figure out why my back wasn’t healing. He came into the exam room after reviewing my MRI and let me know that my only real option was surgery as I was missing the disk between L5/S1. His office fought with my insurance company for me (the insurance company didn’t want to pay for the surgery as I had skipped a number of steps – been dealing with 6 other back/spine issues for almost 20 years and had done those steps with no real results). Once approved, things moved fast. On 11/14, I was admitted to the hospital not able to feel my legs and in a lot of pain in my upper spine from the missing disk pulling it down. That afternoon, I could feel my legs and not my upper back! Thanks to the skill of the team that Dr. Sharma had put together; I was up and moving 4 hours after surgery and driving everyone nuts (in a good way!) 38 days post-surgery, and I am almost 100%. Went in planning on 85% back, hoping for 90% and got almost 100% back. My goal is that come March (when the weather gets better) I will be back to my 5k walks! I know that if I ever need another procedure done, he is the one I want working on me – that or who he would want to work on him! ” – Patricia Spencer


“I don’t even know where to start with all the wonderful things I could say about Dr. Sharma and ALL of his staff. My hands and feet started going numb a few months ago, and I was having a hard time finding a doctor’s office who would see me quickly. Dr. Sharma’s office got me in the same week I called. David Pope was very thorough in my first appointment and ordered all necessary tests and the cause of my issues was quickly determined. At my next appointment Sheldon and Dr. Sharma answered all my questions and put me at ease in the face of unexpected surgery. Everyone I encountered at the office was so supportive and prompt with everything I needed, including Abby who helped me get all labs competed before surgery and Casey who handled all the FMLA paperwork. The surgery went perfectly, I already have the feeling back in my hands and feet, and Dr. Sharma and his staff continue to fully support me throughout the healing process. There was always someone there to answer any questions I ever had, I never had to leave messages and wait for a call back. I got through to people who always helped me immediately. We had to call a few days after surgery to seek help with some issues I was having, and Sheldon listened so attentively and told us exactly what to do to resolve the issues. Two days later he even called me to make sure everything was going better. Dr. Sharma, David Pope, Sheldon, Casey, and Abby and everyone at the office made this difficult time so much easier for me, and I will forever be grateful for all they did for me!” – Laura Armentrout


“I can’t say enough about this group. I’ve never felt so assured about my health, even if I’m not in the best shape, and that Virginia Spine Specialists are a one-of-a-kind company. Dr. Sharma is an Angel sent from Heaven. His entire staff inside the office and behind the scenes like Casey Kenney are such sweethearts and very great at their job. They all are above and beyond employees who truly care for their patients. There is nothing that will make me leave them.” – Casey Patterson


“Many many thanks to Dr. Sharma. He did my husband’s surgery and now he is all good!!!!” – Selena Armstead


“Where to begin I’ve had three, the first back surgery with Kaiser fixed the spinal stenosis,But I was still in a great amount of lower back pain. So the second operation the surgeon fused my L4 L5. That still did not help. My 3rd back surgery I was leaving Kaiser and moving to Medicare. The new surgeon noticed that the bottom right screw was loose and the hardware was moving. So we went in and tightened it up thinking that would solve the problem but it didn’t. All the while I was going to pain management and they were giving me injections and oxycodone. My new surgeon recommended Mudit Sharma wow what a great surgeon he fused my right SI joint. I’m about 2 weeks out of surgery and I’m finally getting some pain relief. The surgery went great. And can’t wait for him to do the left side. I highly recommend Dr Sharma.” – Sam Audi


“I have been a patient with Dr Sharma and Dr or PA Pope since 2015. I’m never afraid going into surgery with them as I know and trust my surgery will be a success.
Dr Sharma is one of the top spine surgeons. His manner in the office is wonderful and he explains exactly what is wrong and what the avenue need to be taken whether it’s surgery needed or not. Dr Pope is wonderful and explains post op services where you can understand. The staff at the office is impeccable especially Sheldon and Abby. I’ve never experienced the customer service before at a doctors office. Sheldon is so attentive as Dr Sharma assistant. You can email him or call, he will contact you back within 15-30 mins and most times will speak with you right away. Abby is the scheduler and so attentive to all aspects of details. I trust this team and will recommend to anyone for spine issues.” – Jackie Jackson


“Dr. Sharma, his Assistant Sheldon, staff Abby and the rest are great. Dr Sharma is straight to the point, no chaser. Awesome bedside manners. His explanation of the situation and his recommendation of relief is (user friendly) easy to understand. I strongly recommend him and his office.” – Vernon Samuels


“Dr. Sharma and his office staff were all very professional. They were patient, kind and understanding. Post surgery they were friendly, attentive, concerned and always available. Based upon their recommendations my recovery has been faster than I expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Sharma and his staff.” – Gaylord Reese


“Very attentive, I never feel rushed, answer all questions, and never performs any unnecessary surgeries! The entire office staff and PA’s Dave and Heather are amazing as well, highly recommended.” – Tracy Thomaso


“Excellent! My surgery appears to be a complete success. Dr. Sharma explained my procedure thoroughly and answered all questions and concerns. His staff was responsive, friendly and helpful.” – Ed Courtney


“After years of suffering with neck pain, I was referred to Dr. Sharma by my PCM. Dr. Sharma recommended a discectomy and fusion. The entire process from getting X-rays, MRI, lab work, and COVID-19 testing was ridiculously easy. I was in and out of each appointment without any delays or difficulties. The surgery has proven an incredible success. I feel so much better just two weeks post-op.
Dr. Sharma and his staff have been amazing.” – Luis Morales


“The entire staff made it possible for my surgery to be successful. From my Point of Contact, Casey Kenney, who was phenomenal in ensuring my paperwork was in order, to Dr. Sharma’s staff in Fredericksburg, and Dr. Sharma himself for doing the surgery and alleviating my back pain.
Thank you all for providing a positive experience through a tough time period!” – Willis Abernathy


“Dr Sharma and his staff are amazing. I have so many issues with my spine. At Virginia Spine Specialist you can get expert help. It doesn’t have to be surgery they are amazing at guiding you for the best way to give you relief for your spinal issues. I had fusion surgery at L5/S1 in December 2020 and 2 weeks later I feel AMAZING. I recommend Dr Sharma to anyone I meet who has back issues. ” – Betty Elswick


“I suffered for years until Dr. Sharma did back surgery for me. I am amazed at the ease and the short 4 week period of recovery I had this has been the easiest surgery I have had to me it was even less painful then the prior neck fusion I had in the past. Dr. Sharma is the best of the best this has been my third spinal surgery.” – Theodore Grimes


“I had sciatica originating at my spine and radiating down my left leg to my foot. Tingling, foot falling asleep, what felt like electric shocks in my hip and ankle. I also had continuous low to moderate level pain in the lower back. I lived with these conditions for over 20 years and had resigned myself to the idea that this was my “normal” and that was going to be my life for the rest of my life.
Only after a referral to Dr. Sharma did I even begin to hope that there might be a chance for a life with less pain.
Roughly a year later I had the surgery and only 2 weeks into recovery, I have almost no pain. The sciatica is gone and the worst symptoms of another embarassing condition are gone as well!
I am absolutely thrilled and elated with my results and I am eternally grateful to Dr. Sharma and his team.”


“Dr. Sharma was an excellent provider for me. The care of both him and his medical team was top notch, and resolved my issue 100%. After-the-fact, his support staff have gone above and beyond as I’ve needed to collect records for one reason or another. This team is the very definition of full service patient care. ”


“Dr. Sharma and his staff are very skilled in treating neurological issues. Dr. Sharma and his staff have treated this veteran and corrected things the Veterans Hospital did not or could not treat. He has performed several neck and back surgeries pertaining to the cervical, lumbar area and Siatic area, In addition to excellent pain management and inserting a neuro – Stimulator. His staff is very customer friendly and willing to assist in answering all questions in an extremely… timely. Dr. Sharma and his staff literally saved my life and accepted me at 4 AM in the morning from the Veterans Hospital in Washington DC. I was dealing with a life threating medical condition which the Veterans Hospital could not treat and tried to send me to several hospitals in the Veterans Administration ran hospitals who would not accept me and could not treat me. Sincerely,” – Alfred Quiroz


“My DDD on L5/S1 was degenerating to almost bone on bone that I suffered from severe pain and weakness on both legs that I could hardly walk or stand for more than a few minutes. I had a Microdiscechtomy done by an orthopedic spine surgeon from another local practice back in 2015 but I continued to suffer from pain and weakness from my waist down. I participated in many physical therapies and had several epidural spinal injections between 2015 and 2018 from the same practice but I still got worse. So in January 2018, I went back to the orthopedic spine surgeon but he said that there was nothing that he could do for me and offered no other alternative treatments. I believed him and continued to suffer in debilitating pain and agony until one day I realized that this was not how I should live unless it is completely true so I sort a second opinion from Dr. Sharma.

To my surprise, Dr. Sharma told me that he could help to relieve the compression on my nerves that should reduce my pain and weakness level considerably for a better quality of life. He also offered a plan B, in case if I had sustained permanent nerve damage from prolonged injury. All this information was provided to me from just one office visit with Dr. Sharma! In less than 2 months later, Dr. Sharma performed the Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion with Posterior Stabilization surgery on me. I am almost fully recovered from the surgery and my quality life has already improved dramatically. I am very grateful to Dr. Sharma and his team for what they did in a relatively short time. I am sorely disappointed with my previous orthopedic spine surgeon and pain management doctors who let me live in pain and suffering indefinitely and offered no possible solution to improve my quality of life other than physical therapies and ESIs that stopped working since the end of 2017, when I got worse.

My family and I highly recommend Dr. Sharma because if it wasn’t for him and his team, I would still in debilated and in constant agony today.”


“I have had lower back problems occasionally, but when I injured it doing emergency plumbing at home it revealed a significant problem. I was first treated by an Orthopedic Practice and was offered medication and PT, with poor results. In fact the PT made things worse for my lower back, with numbness and tingling as well as weakness in my legs, encouraged me to consider a 2nd opinion.

I decided to look for a Nerve Expert so that I could get a 2nd opinion on potential nerve damage based on my spine problems. I found Dr. Sharma in my research and read the reviews… they were awesome. I was able to schedule an appointment and guess what, Dr. Sharma walked into the examination room on the 1st visit. We talked about my history, he ordered another MRI and then on the 2nd visit suggested a surgical solution. It would be an actual solution.

I had the surgery on November 12th. All of the Pre-Op was great, logical, spelled out and explained. The recovery time and associated restriction were spelled out and explained. While waiting for surgery in the hospital ER waiting room I had a visit from each professional member of the team who explained what their part in the surgery would be. It was such a calming experience knowing that I had such a sharp professional team contributing to the surgery.

The surgery went GREAT! I walked that afternoon with a walker for the 1st time and I was dumbfounded at how steady my gate was and how easy it was to predict what my legs did. I felt 20 years younger. Every aspect of my recovery of the past 16 days has been wonderful.

I feel like a new person and my confidence in Dr. Sharma has proven to be 100% solid. I would heartily recommend Dr. Sharma and his team to anyone. It was the best medical decision I have ever made.”


“Dr. Sharma diagnosed a herniated disc at my L3/L4 that had been giving me severe leg problems for approximately three years. An orthopedic surgeon had previously diagnosed the problem as degenerative disc disease even after reviewing my MRI clearly showing the herniated disc. Dr. Sharma performed minimally evasive surgery and fully corrected the problem in April 2016. In the fall of 2018, Dr. Sharma performed an out-patient lumbar decompression on my L5 that stopped severe lower leg cramping.”

Steve St.Clair
Ref: Healthgrades


“Dr. Sharma performed a 1 level bone fusion as corrective action to a previous surgery from another surgeon.
Dr. Sharma gained a full understanding of the previous spine fusion failure and explained his plan to correct. I agreed with his view of the situation and he performed a successful surgery ( 16 weeks ago). 95 percent of the pain is gone and no more need for ibuprofen anymore!!! I’m back to full activity and I would recommend to my closet friend”

Ref: Healthgrades


“I am writing this recommendation because of the wonderful treatment that I received from this entire office.

From the beginning until now…3 week’s post op… each member of this team was professional, caring, and helpful.

Starting with the first phone call, Krystal was one of the most helpful front desk receptionist I had ever worked with.  She showed me great patience during the first two weeks.  Due to several situations going on in my life….I had to change my appointment day & time four times.  She was always very kind and accommodating.  By the time I got to an appointment, I felt like I had another daughter.

The first office visit turned out even better.  When I first got there, a lovely young lady named Jansi started helping me because Krystal had stepped away from the window for a few minutes.  She just as sweet as Krystal.  She helped me fill out some insurance forms that I was supposed to have completed before  I got there.  Again, she was just as patient as Krystal had been.

I continued to talk to both of them about my surgery.  I was very nervous and they were very empathetic.  When I left them at the front desk to go back, I felt much calmer.  Those two young ladies knew just what to say.

Thank you to Dr. SHARMA, PA Dave, and Sheldon.  Each of these fine men  were caring professionals.  They were very knowledgeable and caring.  They spent a long time with me.  I had a lot of questions and they made sure I was clear with my understanding on each one.

The day of the surgery Dr. SHARMA was very attentive to my needs.  His positive, up beat demeanor was greatly appreciated by both my friend, Joe,  who accompanied me, and my beautiful daughter who always worries about her daddy!  I was very confident going into the OR suite.  God Bless this wonderful practice!”

Michael Denman

“Dr. Sharma and his college David, PA have changed my life. I came to them in May 2017 after a near-fatal car crash where my car was crushed on a major highway.

Dr. Sharma is kind, thorough,diligent, and perhaps most importantly he is conservative. A master at his craft, he evaluated my images and suggested conservative interventions as a beginning approach to heal my myriad of traumatic injuries. I followed his instructions to the T. When my symptoms changed and worsened months later: he re-evaluated me, called for new imaging that had never been done, even though I’d amassed over 10 MRIs since the accident. When he considered all my symptoms and the history of the accident, he quickly uncovered the problem. It was serious enough that he wasted no time in creating a surgical plan for recovery.
His PA David did all my post-operative visits to maintain positive outcomes and Dr Sharma was there for me day and night through my recovery.

He spared no measure to make sure I was safe and progressing.

Dr Sharma saved my life…my quality of life. Thanks to him, David, Sheldon and all the ladies who help us get where we need to go for procedures;

I am finally going back to work as an RN.

God Bless Dr. Sharma and the staff of Virginia Spines. My family is forever in your debt.”


“Marine Corps pilot – Compression fracture L4, among other things, sustained during a plane crash. Three surgeries over 35 years but the trauma along with degenerative disc disease and aging led to debilitating acute episodes of chronic lower back pain requiring increasing dosages of opioids to manage. Though effective for my case, I’ve personally found there use onerous and recently opioids have become extremely controversial politically.

I re-examined alternatives which, to my good fortune, led to referral to Dr. Sharma. Previous conventional wisdom was that the probability of reducing pain decreased with additional surgeries, consequently I was extremely skeptical about having yet another surgery. Dr. Sharma proposed a new (to me) minimally invasive procedure with the potential to reduce my pain in short order and thus defer any requirement to increase opioid dosages. I am now about four months post op. My outcome has GREATLY exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Sharma is very personable and compassionate yet candid. Results attest to his extraordinary medical competence. My opioid intake is approximately ⅓ of what it was pre-op and I anticipate terminating use completely within a month. Overall quality of life continues to improve significantly and I am extraordinarily grateful to Dr. Sharma.”


“I was referred to Dr. Sharma for consultation after months of tests, guessing and additional tests by my PCP. My visit with Dr. Sharma was short, merely because he’s brilliant, diagnosing my spinal condition immediately. We discussed my personal desires, Dr Sharma’s treatment recommendations and together agreed upon a plan to correct my condition. He even went so far as to modify his already busy patient schedule to accommodate my needs and the demands of my less than cooperative medical insurance provider. This man’s stellar reviews are earned. He’s very knowledgeable and willing to explain the why behind your condition and consider all treatment options available. He was also very respectful of my desire to limit my intake of medications during my recovery process. He’s amassed a wonderful team around him. Ms. Abbey in scheduling, the front desk staff and his PA, Mr. Pope, are wonderful people equally committed to helping patients feel better.

I could not imagine going anywhere else and my only regret is it took so long before I was referred to Virginia Spine Specialists. Do yourself a favor, stop filling yet another prescription, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sharma and begin your road to recovery.”


“Dear Doctor Sharma,

January 9, 2018 will be the first anniversary of my back surgery. I do not have any scheduled follow ups with you, but I wanted to let you how I am doing. The decision to move forward with back surgery was a hard decision especially with the knowledge recovery would take at least 6 months. But once I met you, I knew I had chosen the best surgeon to help me. Recovery was exactly as you predicted. I had great help at home and I followed all your post op instructions and the outcome was much better than I expected.

I am completely recovered and able to do any activity without restriction. I can exercise without pain and I am also doing pottery again. You made all that possible. Also, you spent time with my daughter who was recovering from tarlov cyst surgery with another provider and did not have a local doctor willing to monitor her recovery. I am forever grateful to the time you took with her. After the appointment, she was reassured that her recovery was on schedule and she continues to recover, slowly but she is improving. Thank you for helping her.

I also want to complement you on your staff. Your PA, David is great. I had to call one Saturday in July after I was rear ended. Of course, I was terrified that the accident did damage to my progress. David called me and was very reassuring and thorough in his evaluation. He also followed up 3 days later to check on me. Luckily, I was fine.

 I am very grateful to you and I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us.


–  Anne N


“I researched and searched for help for my lumbar spine and sciatic nerve problems. Mudit Sharma, M.D. of Virginia Spine Specialists, seemed to be the most current in his training and methods of minimally invasive spine surgery. My surgery at Prince William Hospital went well and my lumbar back and nerve pain was completely gone soon after the surgery. Actually, I was able to walk easily one day after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Sharma to anyone looking for a neurosurgeon who specializes in spine surgery.”



“By far the best Medical Practice I have ever been to!!! I have to start with the office staff first. They are truly amazing! I cannot say enough about them. Everyone is so nice and personal. They treat you like you have been a patient for many years even on your first visit.

When Dr. Sharma determined I needed to have a spinal fusion done on my lower back is when I really got to know everyone who worked in the office. I got a phone call every step of the way from the Surgery Coordinator letting me know when my insurance approved the surgery, what to expect, what I needed to do, and answered any and all questions I had throughout the entire process.

After surgery, I had tons and tons of questions about the way I was feeling, how the incisions looked, etc. Kami was there to help me with everything. She truly treated me as if I was a family member not just a patient. It has been a very long time since I have been treated so well in a doctor’s office. It’s a very personal office, not just a medical practice. They know you by name and case without having to look at your chart first.

Dr. Sharma has the best bedside manor! That is one of the first things I noticed and appreciated. He wasn’t in a rush to get my story and history. He took his time to go over past surgeries and the problems I was having. He was informative and knowledgeable. He worked out a plan with me (not just for me) and made sure I was comfortable with that plan.

On the day of my surgery, I was scheduled to be in the O.R. at 8am. I was expecting this to run late (from my past experiences with other surgeons). To my surprise, Dr. Sharma walked in at 7:30am! And off to the O.R. I was at 7:45am. Not having to sit there and wait helps to relieve a lot of nervousness. After he was done, Dr. Sharma called my family to let them know how everything went.

I have referred all of my family and friends to this office. I will continue to do so. I know that anyone who goes there will not be disappointed. THANK YOU DR. SHARMA AND ALL YOUR WONDERFUL OFFICE STAFF!!!!”



“I came to see Dr. Sharma after undergoing an unsuccessful spinal operation elsewhere. After carefully reviewing my history and doing an assessment on me, he offered a minimally invasive procedure to fix my spine. I was home the next day after the procedure and I’ve been pain free ever since.”

Pt. J.O.

“My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Sharma for treating my spinal instability. I was impressed by the fact that he went over several treatment options with me and encouraged me to be a part of the decision every step of the way. When I finally decided on surgery, he was able to minimally invasively address all my spinal problems and I have remained pain free and highly functional.”

Pt. P.K.