Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“I am writing this recommendation because of the wonderful treatment that I received from this entire office.

From the beginning until now…3 week’s post op… each member of this team was professional, caring, and helpful.

Starting with the first phone call, Krystal was one of the most helpful front desk receptionist I had ever worked with.  She showed me great patience during the first two weeks.  Due to several situations going on in my life….I had to change my appointment day & time four times.  She was always very kind and accommodating.  By the time I got to an appointment, I felt like I had another daughter.

The first office visit turned out even better.  When I first got there, a lovely young lady named Jansi started helping me because Krystal had stepped away from the window for a few minutes.  She just as sweet as Krystal.  She helped me fill out some insurance forms that I was supposed to have completed before  I got there.  Again, she was just as patient as Krystal had been.

I continued to talk to both of them about my surgery.  I was very nervous and they were very empathetic.  When I left them at the front desk to go back, I felt much calmer.  Those two young ladies knew just what to say.

Thank you to Dr. SHARMA, PA Dave, and Sheldon.  Each of these fine men  were caring professionals.  They were very knowledgeable and caring.  They spent a long time with me.  I had a lot of questions and they made sure I was clear with my understanding on each one.

The day of the surgery Dr. SHARMA was very attentive to my needs.  His positive, up beat demeanor was greatly appreciated by both my friend, Joe,  who accompanied me, and my beautiful daughter who always worries about her daddy!  I was very confident going into the OR suite.  God Bless this wonderful practice!”

– Michael Denman

“Dr. Sharma and his college David, PA have changed my life. I came to them in May 2017 after a near-fatal car crash where my car was crushed on a major highway.

Dr. Sharma is kind, thorough,diligent, and perhaps most importantly he is conservative. A master at his craft, he evaluated my images and suggested conservative interventions as a beginning approach to heal my myriad of traumatic injuries. I followed his instructions to the T. When my symptoms changed and worsened months later: he re-evaluated me, called for new imaging that had never been done, even though I’d amassed over 10 MRIs since the accident. When he considered all my symptoms and the history of the accident, he quickly uncovered the problem. It was serious enough that he wasted no time in creating a surgical plan for recovery.
His PA David did all my post-operative visits to maintain positive outcomes and Dr Sharma was there for me day and night through my recovery.

He spared no measure to make sure I was safe and progressing.

Dr Sharma saved my life…my quality of life. Thanks to him, David, Sheldon and all the ladies who help us get where we need to go for procedures;

I am finally going back to work as an RN.

God Bless Dr. Sharma and the staff of Virginia Spines. My family is forever in your debt.”


“Marine Corps pilot – Compression fracture L4, among other things, sustained during a plane crash. Three surgeries over 35 years but the trauma along with degenerative disc disease and aging led to debilitating acute episodes of chronic lower back pain requiring increasing dosages of opioids to manage. Though effective for my case, I’ve personally found there use onerous and recently opioids have become extremely controversial politically.

I re-examined alternatives which, to my good fortune, led to referral to Dr. Sharma. Previous conventional wisdom was that the probability of reducing pain decreased with additional surgeries, consequently I was extremely skeptical about having yet another surgery. Dr. Sharma proposed a new (to me) minimally invasive procedure with the potential to reduce my pain in short order and thus defer any requirement to increase opioid dosages. I am now about four months post op. My outcome has GREATLY exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Sharma is very personable and compassionate yet candid. Results attest to his extraordinary medical competence. My opioid intake is approximately ⅓ of what it was pre-op and I anticipate terminating use completely within a month. Overall quality of life continues to improve significantly and I am extraordinarily grateful to Dr. Sharma.”


“I was referred to Dr. Sharma for consultation after months of tests, guessing and additional tests by my PCP. My visit with Dr. Sharma was short, merely because he’s brilliant, diagnosing my spinal condition immediately. We discussed my personal desires, Dr Sharma’s treatment recommendations and together agreed upon a plan to correct my condition. He even went so far as to modify his already busy patient schedule to accommodate my needs and the demands of my less than cooperative medical insurance provider. This man’s stellar reviews are earned. He’s very knowledgeable and willing to explain the why behind your condition and consider all treatment options available. He was also very respectful of my desire to limit my intake of medications during my recovery process. He’s amassed a wonderful team around him. Ms. Abbey in scheduling, the front desk staff and his PA, Mr. Pope, are wonderful people equally committed to helping patients feel better.

I could not imagine going anywhere else and my only regret is it took so long before I was referred to Virginia Spine Specialists. Do yourself a favor, stop filling yet another prescription, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sharma and begin your road to recovery.”


“Dear Doctor Sharma,

January 9, 2018 will be the first anniversary of my back surgery. I do not have any scheduled follow ups with you, but I wanted to let you how I am doing. The decision to move forward with back surgery was a hard decision especially with the knowledge recovery would take at least 6 months. But once I met you, I knew I had chosen the best surgeon to help me. Recovery was exactly as you predicted. I had great help at home and I followed all your post op instructions and the outcome was much better than I expected.

I am completely recovered and able to do any activity without restriction. I can exercise without pain and I am also doing pottery again. You made all that possible. Also, you spent time with my daughter who was recovering from tarlov cyst surgery with another provider and did not have a local doctor willing to monitor her recovery. I am forever grateful to the time you took with her. After the appointment, she was reassured that her recovery was on schedule and she continues to recover, slowly but she is improving. Thank you for helping her.

I also want to complement you on your staff. Your PA, David is great. I had to call one Saturday in July after I was rear ended. Of course, I was terrified that the accident did damage to my progress. David called me and was very reassuring and thorough in his evaluation. He also followed up 3 days later to check on me. Luckily, I was fine.

 I am very grateful to you and I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us.


-Anne N


“I researched and searched for help for my lumbar spine and sciatic nerve problems. Mudit Sharma, M.D. of Virginia Spine Specialists, seemed to be the most current in his training and methods of minimally invasive spine surgery. My surgery at Prince William Hospital went well and my lumbar back and nerve pain was completely gone soon after the surgery. Actually, I was able to walk easily one day after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Sharma to anyone looking for a neurosurgeon who specializes in spine surgery.”

– M.J.K.


“By far the best Medical Practice I have ever been to!!! I have to start with the office staff first. They are truly amazing! I cannot say enough about them. Everyone is so nice and personal. They treat you like you have been a patient for many years even on your first visit.

When Dr. Sharma determined I needed to have a spinal fusion done on my lower back is when I really got to know everyone who worked in the office. I got a phone call every step of the way from the Surgery Coordinator letting me know when my insurance approved the surgery, what to expect, what I needed to do, and answered any and all questions I had throughout the entire process.

After surgery, I had tons and tons of questions about the way I was feeling, how the incisions looked, etc. Kami was there to help me with everything. She truly treated me as if I was a family member not just a patient. It has been a very long time since I have been treated so well in a doctor’s office. It’s a very personal office, not just a medical practice. They know you by name and case without having to look at your chart first.

Dr. Sharma has the best bedside manor! That is one of the first things I noticed and appreciated. He wasn’t in a rush to get my story and history. He took his time to go over past surgeries and the problems I was having. He was informative and knowledgeable. He worked out a plan with me (not just for me) and made sure I was comfortable with that plan.

On the day of my surgery, I was scheduled to be in the O.R. at 8am. I was expecting this to run late (from my past experiences with other surgeons). To my surprise, Dr. Sharma walked in at 7:30am! And off to the O.R. I was at 7:45am. Not having to sit there and wait helps to relieve a lot of nervousness. After he was done, Dr. Sharma called my family to let them know how everything went.

I have referred all of my family and friends to this office. I will continue to do so. I know that anyone who goes there will not be disappointed. THANK YOU DR. SHARMA AND ALL YOUR WONDERFUL OFFICE STAFF!!!!”

– K.B.


“I came to see Dr. Sharma after undergoing an unsuccessful spinal operation elsewhere. After carefully reviewing my history and doing an assessment on me, he offered a minimally invasive procedure to fix my spine. I was home the next day after the procedure and I’ve been pain free ever since.”

– Pt. J.O.

“My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Sharma for treating my spinal instability. I was impressed by the fact that he went over several treatment options with me and encouraged me to be a part of the decision every step of the way. When I finally decided on surgery, he was able to minimally invasively address all my spinal problems and I have remained pain free and highly functional.”

– Pt. P.K.