Patient Goes from Barely Able to Walk to Living Her Best Life

SurgeryLast year, we consulted with a patient who previously underwent a microdiscechtomy under the supervision of an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Despite the surgery, she continued to suffer from extreme pain and weakness from the waist down. After once again consulting with her original surgeon, she was told that there was nothing left that could be done.

After a thorough examination, we came to find that continued compression on her nerves was causing the pain and weakness. This resulted in the patient agreeing to an anterior lumbar interbody fusion with posterior stabilization surgery.

Immediately following the surgery, she noted that she felt better than she had over the past five years. At our most recent check-up, she was ecstatic that her quality of life has improved and her pain and weakness is almost gone.

This story goes to show you that no matter what’s happened in the past, there’s typically another treatment strategy to consider. In this case, if the patient would have stuck with her former doctor, she may never have received the relief she was seeking.

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