Back Pain and the Role of Physical Therapy

Chronic back pain has the ability to wear on you, day in and day out. At some point, you realize that getting professional help is your only option. While many people believe that back surgery is the best way to cure their pain, this isn’t always the answer. Did you[…]

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Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Painful?

There are many benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery as compared to a traditional open back procedure. For example, the recovery time is shorter, scarring is less noticeable, and there is a smaller chance of collateral damage. However, there is still one big question to address: is minimally invasive spine[…]

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What are Your Biggest Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Fears?

When it comes to minimally invasive spine surgery, it’s only natural to have some fears. Even with so many advancements over the years, any procedure on your body is one that will generate some stress and have you wondering what the future will bring. Here are some of the most[…]

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