Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Painful?

There are many benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery as compared to a traditional open back procedure.

For example, the recovery time is shorter, scarring is less noticeable, and there is a smaller chance of collateral damage.

However, there is still one big question to address: is minimally invasive spine surgery painful?

Generally speaking, due to the approach and size of the incision, minimally invasive spine surgery is not as painful as conventional surgery. This is why it’s possible for many patients to walk after the surgery, often returning home within 24 hours.

Of course, as with any medical procedure, minimally invasive spine surgery is accompanied by some pain and discomfort. After all, you’re suffering from a serious back injury and there will be some pain associated with repairing it once and for all.

In an overall sense, however, the pain of minimally invasive spine surgery is not nearly as advanced as with traditional open back surgery. This is yet another reason why many people turn to this procedure.

If you have questions about minimally invasive spine surgery, including those associated with the potential pain and discomfort it may be cause, don’t hesitate to contact our office to setup a consultation. We can discuss your fears and help you understand the many benefits of this approach.