What’s the Treatment for Whiplash Syndrome?

Most commonly, whiplash syndrome comes about as a result of a rear-end automobile accident.

Should someone strike your vehicle from behind, your head and neck has the potential to snap forward and back. And when that happens, the end result is often whiplash syndrome.

Here’s the best approach to treatment:

•    Immobilize the neck and receive treatment as soon as possible
•    Return to normal activity when prompted by your medical team (but not before)
•    Consider if there are any benefits of taking medication, such as a muscle relaxer
•    Talk to your doctor about how much bed rest you need (you don’t want to stay laid up for too long)
•    Consider the benefits of physical therapy
•    Learn more about surgery if your pain and discomfort persists

The biggest mistake you can make is assuming you can overcome your whiplash syndrome at home. When you do this, you often cause more harm than good, such as by getting too much rest or ignoring another ailment that could be causing you trouble.

Even if you’re only experiencing minor pain and discomfort, a formal diagnosis is critical to your long-term health. This allows you to better understand your injury and treatment options, thus putting you on the path to making a full recovery in a timely manner.

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