Latest Minimally Invasive Procedures

Minimally Invasive Microdisectomy

Dr. Sharma was one of the first Neurosurgeons in Northern Virginia to perform a minimally invasive microdiscectomy and decompression. Using a band aid incision and minimal dissection, he is able to remove herniated discs in an outpatient procedure. He is also among very few spine surgeons around the world who use the endoscopic technique for disc removals.


Dr. Sharma has treated scoliosis in adults with this revolutionary technique where a virtually bloodless minimally invasive procedure can correct decades long spinal instability and scoliosis. Many patients who were previously suffering from chronic pain disability have undergone this procedure and are virtually pain free.

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Many patients have come to hear in popular press of negative outcomes with surgeries involving spinal fusions. Dr. Sharma is very conservative in treating spinal problems and has reserved fusion operations for patients who have spinal fracturers or instability or those who have failed several tiers of conservative care. When a fusion becomes necessary, he uses a minimally invasive technique in all cases. It is due to these steps that a patient undergoing a fusion procedure with Dr. Sharma can expect extremely high success and satisfaction rates.

Minimally Invasive Neck Surgery

Dr. Sharma uses a new technique to fix herniated discs of the neck. Instead of using bulky metallic plates in cervical spine surgery, he uses a plateless fixation system (called Zero profile cervical surgery). This reduces the overall time of surgery and patients have less metallic implant.