What Should You Expect from Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

If you opt for minimally invasive spine surgery, it’s only natural to have some questions about what this will mean to your future.

Fortunately, when compared to traditional open back surgery, there are a variety of benefits that will give you the confidence necessary to realize that it’s the best decision.

Here are a few things you should expect from minimally invasive spine surgery:

·      Less pain and discomfort. Many people shy away from traditional spine surgery because they have heard the stories about the pain and discomfort that can last for several weeks or longer. This is not typically the case with minimally invasive spine surgery, due to a smaller incision and minimized collateral damage.

·      Quicker recovery time. Nobody wants to have surgery, but if they do they hope that the recovery time is kept to a minimum. This is exactly what you get with minimally invasive spine surgery. Don’t be surprised if you’re walking the same day.

·      Less scarring. It’s safe to assume that you want to keep scarring to a minimum. With minimally invasive spine surgery, this is exactly what you get. The incision is much smaller than that associated with a conventional procedure.

These are the types of things you should expect from minimally invasive spine surgery. Furthermore, these are the details you should discuss with your surgeon.

With the right information on your side, it’s easier to confidently move forward with minimally invasive spine surgery.