What are the Top Causes of Workplace Neck Injuries?

pain-treatment-virginiaWhen you arrive at work, you never do so with the idea that you will suffer an injury. Unfortunately, this could happen at some point in time.

While there are many types of injuries you could contend with, those associated with the neck are among the most common.

Here are some of the top causes of workplace neck injuries:

·      Repetitive motion injury. If you do the same task, day in and day out, it can eventually lead to pain and discomfort that can be difficult to eliminate. An example of this would be someone who sits in the same position for hours on end.

·      Heavy lifting. Depending on your profession, you could find yourself lifting heavy items every now and again (or regularly). Even if you use proper lifting technique, there’s always a chance of a neck injury.

·      Slip and fall. It doesn’t matter if you slip and fall on the ground or from height, the end result could be a neck injury (among other types).

These are just a few of the most common causes of workplace neck injuries. If you find yourself dealing with this ailment, don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. You may learn that you require treatment in order to eliminate your pain and return to your job feeling better than ever before.