Tips to Prepare for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Woman in PainOnce you and your medical team decide in favor of minimally invasive spine surgery, it won’t be long before you begin planning for the future. Most importantly, you’ll mark the date of your surgery on the calendar, thus giving yourself enough time to prep your mind and body.

While it’s important to do whatever your medical team says in regards to preparation, there are some additional tips you can follow:

·      Lose excess weight: By taking this one step you’ll feel better as you close in on your surgery date, while also giving yourself the best chance possible to make a fast and efficient recovery.

·      Get all the necessary tests: You want your doctor to have everything they need pre-surgery, so don’t skip any tests. These typically include an MRI, CT scan, and even an EKG.

·      Make plans in advance: How will you get home after your procedure? Will anyone stay with you at home while you recover? Do you need to take time away from work? Planning in advance will help you avoid unnecessary stress post-surgery.

When you do these things, all the while having realistic expectations, you can prepare yourself for everything that’s to come.

With so many benefits, minimally invasive spine surgery may be just what you need to get your life back on track. Doing your part in preparation of your procedure gives you an even better chance to experience immediate and positive results.