Things to Avoid After Back Surgery

After back surgery, your actions can greatly influence your recovery. It’s crucial to avoid specific activities to prevent injury, ensure optimal healing, and mitigate pain.

First, avoid strenuous activities, including heavy lifting or bending at the waist, which can put undue strain on your healing back. Heavy lifting might lead to a recurrence of symptoms or potentially cause damage to the surgical site. If you must pick something up, it should be light and you should use your knees, not your back.

Second, you should not neglect physical therapy. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, this is a key component of your recovery. Ignoring your therapist’s advice or not attending scheduled sessions can prolong healing and potentially lead to complications.

Third, don’t rush your recovery. Each individual’s healing process is unique, and pushing yourself too hard or returning to regular activities too quickly can jeopardize your recovery. Listen to your body and follow your surgeon’s guidance about when to gradually resume daily activities.

Lastly, do not smoke or consume excessive alcohol. Both can impede the healing process. Smoking, in particular, decreases blood flow, thereby slowing healing, while excessive alcohol can interact with your medications and exacerbate complications.

Remember that your healthcare provider’s instructions take precedence over all. Follow their recommendations to the letter, even if it means adjusting your lifestyle temporarily. Recovery is a gradual process; patience and adherence to guidelines are paramount for a successful outcome.

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