These Springtime Accidents can Cause a Back Injury

Bike helmetWith the spring season upon us, there’s a good chance that your activity level will go through the roof.

While there’s no better feeling than the cold air giving way to warmer temperatures, there’s something you need to remember: your health and well being remains priority number one.

Here are three springtime accidents that could cause a back injury (and that’s not something you need, especially right now):

·      Slip and fall in the rain. Just because it’s getting warmer doesn’t mean there won’t be any rain in the forecast. When the rain begins to fall make sure you’re careful about where you’re walking.

·      Extensive and exhausting exercise. Warm weather may be all you need in order to take your exercise routine to the next level. Unfortunately, if you push yourself too hard it could result in an injury, such as one to your back or neck.

·      Yard work. It can be great fun to work in your yard, but one false move could result in an injury. For instance, you could attempt to lift a heavy item, just to realize that you’ve wrenched your back and are now facing a serious injury.

As you look forward to springtime, don’t forget that you need to care for your mind and body. Do whatever it takes to prevent these three common springtime accidents!