These Spring Chores can Injure Your Back and/or Neck

With the weather changing, it’s likely that you’ll spend more time outdoors. Just the same, it’s also the time of the year for spring leaning.

And while you have a lot on your to-do list, there’s nothing more important than your health. For that reason, you must take care of your body as you complete chores around your home.

Here’s a list of spring chores that can injure your back and/or neck:

•    Heavy lifting, such as when getting your outdoor furniture out of storage
•    Gardening, which is often associated with heavy lifting and a lot of “up and down”
•    Cleaning your gutters (you don’t want to fall)
•    Mowing the lawn

There’s no guaranteed way to prevent injury this spring season, but you should always do what you can to maintain your health. For example, if you’re concerned that an object is too heavy to lift alone, recruit a helper. Don’t take a risk.

Should you suffer a back and/or neck injury this spring, stop what you’re doing, assess your health, and seek medical attention should it be necessary. 

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