These Side Effects of a Slipped Disk Can Alter Your Life

Herniated DiscAny injury to your back and/or neck has the potential to alter your life in a number of ways. While there is a solution to every problem, until you find relief you could be faced with quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

A slipped disk, for example, is typically associated with these side effects:

·      Pain and numbness, which typically occurs on one side of the body

·      Pain that radiates into other body parts, such as your legs and/or arms

·      Pain that worsens after you have been sitting or standing for an extended period of time

·      Pain that worsens when you lay down to rest at night

·      Muscle weakness

Unfortunately, until you treat the slipped disk itself you will find it a challenge to eliminate these side effects.

On the plus side, once you receive professional treatment and have a recovery plan in place, there’s a good chance these side effects will begin to diminish.

Note: the side effects of a slipped disk are also associated with other types of back and neck injuries. For this reason, you should receive a professional diagnosis to ensure that you’re receiving the proper treatment.

We understand that a slipped disk can cause all types of problems in regards to your health and the way you live. We also understand that there are ways to treat this ailment, thus allowing you to once again live pain free. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.