These Daily Activities Can Cause Neck Pain

Neck pain — regardless of the cause — requires your immediate attention. Should you let the underlying issue linger, there’s a chance that your pain and discomfort could quickly worsen.

Many people overlook the various daily activities that can result in neck pain. Think about the following:

•    Holding your head in an awkward position while you sit at your desk, read, or watch television.
•    Sleeping on a pillow that doesn’t completely support your head.
•    Exercise that puts strain on your neck, back, and/or upper body.
•    Stress. The more stress you feel, the more likely it is that the muscles in your neck will tighten.
•    Spending long periods of time in the same position, such as when recovering from an illness.

On the plus side, many causes of neck pain can be remedied quickly enough. For example, if forward posture while sitting at your desk is the culprit, you can switch to a standing desk.

Unfortunately, not all causes of neck pain are simple to address on your own. Should this be the case, don’t hesitate to seek care from a qualified medical professional.

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