The Benefits of Ice Therapy for a Back Injury

spine healthHave you suffered a back injury? Are you seeking a way to decrease the pain and discomfort, all with the idea of overcoming the injury sooner rather than later? Are you giving any thought to using ice therapy to your advantage?

When it comes to ice therapy for a back injury, there are two things you need to know:

·      You’ll experience the biggest benefits by using ice during the initial stage of the injury

·      Ice will not provide relief of all back injuries

Generally speaking, this can have a positive impact by decreasing swelling and inflammation. Furthermore, the use of ice has the potential to prevent tissue death – which is something you absolutely want to avoid.

In order for ice to improve your injury, it’s important to apply it to the area for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. You should expect to go through four stages after application:

·      Coldness

·      Burning

·      Aching

·      Numbness

Once you reach the numbness stage, which typically takes 20 minutes, it’s time to remove the ice.

Tip: you should wait a minimum of one hour before re-application.

While there is nothing wrong with using ice therapy for a back injury, don’t assume that this alone will be enough. You may still need to consult with a medical professional, as some injuries will require more in depth treatment, such as physical therapy or even surgery.