Successful Surgery Saves Patient from Additional Pain

We recently consulted with a patient who was struggling to find an answer to his back pain. For many years, he jumped from doctor to doctor without ever finding one who could solve his problem.

Lower back pain

This resulted in an initial, but unsuccessful, spine fusion surgery. As a result of the procedure, he was faced with more pain and discomfort than ever before.

Upon consulting with us, we took the time to better understand his history, as well as what went wrong during his previous surgery.

We mutually made the decision to treat the issue with a level 1 bone fusion. Not only did the patient feel better immediately after the procedure, but within a couple of months he noted that 95 percent of the pain was gone. Just the same, he was no longer relying on ibuprofen to get through his day. Even better, he was able to finally return to full activity, allowing him to once again enjoy both his personal life and professional endeavors.

These are the types of stories that warm our heart, as there’s nothing better than helping a patient realize that they can once again live their best life.

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