Minimally Invasive Procedure: Microdisectomy

Dr. Sharma was one of the first Neurosurgeons in Northern Virginia to perform a minimally invasive microdisectomy and decompression. Using a band aid incision and minimal dissection, he is able to remove herniated discs in an outpatient procedure. He is also among very few spine surgeons around the world who use the endoscopic technique for disc removals

Most disc ruptures resolve gradually without surgical intervention, but certain cases may warrant immediate surgical attention. The reasons can include major loss of mobility, bowel or bladder function, with the most common reason being extreme pain that hasn’t been alleviated through non-invasive measures.

Microdisectomies are most effective at treating the radiating pain that occurs often in the buttocks or legs. While this pain can be treated without surgical intervention, a microdisectomy will offer the fastest and most effective healing times.

This procedure has 85 to 95 percent success rate in relieving pain in the aforementioned regions. Alleviation will typically come immediately following the procedure, although it may take up to six to eight weeks for complete relief.
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