Slowing Down The Aging of Your Spine

It is no coincidence that important elements surrounding your life are given the moniker of “backbone.” You’ve likely heard these sentiments over and over again: “Education is the backbone of your professional development.” “The middle class is the backbone of America.” So, what is the reason for this correlation? Well, because the spine truly is the foundation for the rest of your body, health, and physical development.

Given the vast importance of the spine, it is equally important to protect it and realize when it is beginning to suffer from wear and tear. Yes, unfortunately we are all human and our bodies do deteriorate over time. As the spine progresses in age, it may cause common back discomforts to become more prominent such as increased lower back pain, neck and shoulder tightness, or numbness. Another obvious condition related to the aging of the spine is osteoporosis, which heightens the risk of spinal injuries and fractures.

While there is no cure for time, there are measures you can take to help make the minutes go slower as they relate to the degeneration of your spine. These include:

Exercise – The importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough. Exercising helps strengthen the supporting muscle around the spine, reducing changes for injury. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight, limiting the stress placed on your spine.

Healthy Eating – Adhering to a healthy diet obviously goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy weight and limiting the stress your spine must endure. Beyond just your weight, proper nutrition helps to provide your back with vitamins and nutrients necessary to properly perform its various functions.

Limit Contact Sports – If you participate in contact sports, it would be unreasonable to completely eliminate them from your lifestyle. However, the nature of these types of sports increases your chances for injury. If possible, try to incorporate alternate sports into your routine. Some alternate, low-impact options include swimming, yoga, and rowing.

If you’re starting to reach those golden years, you need to begin making your spine and overall health a top priority, assuming you have not already done so. After all, it is the backbone of an enjoyable life.