Sciatica is a Common Problem that can Cause Serious Pain

Surgery team in the operating room .While millions of people suffer from sciatica, many of them never take the time to find a solution. Instead, they assume they’ll have to live with the pain and discomfort for the rest of their life.

Recently, we consulted with a patient who had been dealing with sciatica symptoms for several years, including severe pain radiating down her left leg and into her foot. This resulted in a variety of other concerns, including but not limited to tingling of the leg and electric-like shocks.

After our first meeting, we had a better idea of what she was going through and how to solve the issue once and for all. We scheduled her for immediate surgery, and two weeks into the recovery she noted that 99 percent of her symptoms were now gone.

She added the following:

I am absolutely thrilled and elated with my results and I am eternally grateful to Dr. Sharma and his team.

Sciatica is a serious medical concern that can affect a person’s ability to live a full and active life. Fortunately, in this case, we were able to cure the patient of her issue forever. Now, she’s living the life she always enjoyed!

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