Treatment Options for Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Pain

Are you currently suffering from pain and discomfort associated with sacroiliac joint problems?

At first, you may think that living with this is your only option. However, as you learn more, you’ll find that there are several high level treatment options that can put you in a better place.

To start, conservative treatment is the best approach. With this, you can consider things such as: physical therapy, specific types of exercise, and chiropractic manipulation.

Furthermore, there are times when therapeutic injections and oral medications are coupled with the above. With this approach, patients are often able to receive the relief they’re looking for.

In the event that non-surgical interventions provide no relief, it’s time to consider the available surgical procedures.

Most commonly, sacroiliac joint fusion is used to provide stabilization of the joint. With the complete elimination of movement in the joint, the end result is typically long-term pain relief with no additional side effects.

Nobody wants to go through surgery, so this is why conservative treatment options are used first. However, if this doesn’t work and the patient wants long-term relief, it’s time to consider a surgical procedure.

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