Put Your Best Foot Forward With These 3 Healthy Spine Tips

High HeelsWhile the right shoes can complete an outfit, the wrong shoes can lead to back pain. High-heels, platforms, flip-flops, ballet flats, and other types of footwear all have varying effects on the back and spine. For example, shoes with high heels or steep arches lead to over-arching the spine, and extremely flat shoes with thin soles will cause it to absorb the full impact of each step. And, believe it or not, wearing worn-down shoes those that don’t fit properly can cause back aches and pain by throwing off your body’s natural weight distribution.


By wearing shoes with at least a half inch thick sole, and proper heel and arch support, you can reduce the risk of lower back pain. Shoes with laces provide the best support for your feet and back, but we all know that sneakers aren’t appropriate for every occasion!


Wearing the wrong shoes isn’t just a fashion faux pas, it can lead to back pain that keeps you off your feet for a while. Here are three tips for building a solid foundation with the right pair of shoes:


1. Purchase Quality Shoes- When shoe shopping, look for shoes with at least a half inch thick sole, rigid heel support, and shock absorption. This is especially important when buying flat shoes such as ballet flats, loafers, flip-flops, and sandals. Making sure the fit is right is also important, as too tight or too big shoes tend to strain the body and back.


2. High Heels in Moderation- Many women are aware of the damage that is caused by consistently wearing high heels, yet they are a staple in today’s fashion. To prevent any discomfort, save the heels for walking shorter distances, like around the office, or going out for dinner. Wearing sneakers while commuting to work and then slipping into the stilettos will relieve your back of some of the daily tensions caused by heel height.


3. The Right Shoe for the Right Occasion – It’s also important to consider what you will be doing in your shoes when deciding which ones to wear or purchase. While sneakers are the best types of shoes in terms of support, exercising in the wrong kind can lead to more problems than it solves. Finding a shoe with proper arch, heel, and ankle support is extremely important for playing basketball, for example, so wearing running shoes would not be the right style for that occasion. When purchasing sneakers, asking the sales associate about the design and purpose of the shoe can be extremely beneficial and helpful in reducing back pain.