Returning to Work After Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Ergonomic-Desk-Chair-for-OfficeIf you come to find that minimally invasive spine surgery is the best way to treat your condition, you’re sure to have a variety of questions. Depending on your age and life circumstances, you may have concerns about when you can return to work.

How soon you can return to work after minimally invasive spine surgery depends on many factors. Here are some questions to answer:

·      What is your occupation and work environment?

·      Are you required to do any heavy lifting at work?

·      Do you sit all day, or are you required to stand and move throughout the day?

·      Are you able to work a different job while you recover, such as one that won’t put as much strain on your body?

As you answer these questions, you’ll come to better understand when it makes sense to return to work.

Here’s the good thing: minimally invasive spine surgery is associated with a small incision, meaning that the impact to the surrounding area is kept to a minimum. Subsequently, you should be able to return to work within several days or week, as opposed to many months (which is often the case with an open back procedure).

There are many benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery, including the ability to more quickly return to your normal life.

If you’re interested in returning to work as soon as possible, discuss your situation with your medical team. You don’t want to do anything that puts you at risk of a follow-up injury.