Recovery after minimally invasive spine surgery is shorter than traditional surgery

It’s common for people who require surgery to put it off for a number of reasons. For example, they’re concerned about the length of the recovery and the impact it’ll have on their life.

So, rather than get the surgery when they need it, they put it off in hopes of figuring out another solution. Unfortunately, this doesn’t typically work, which forces them to live in pain for longer than they have to.

Pain manegement

While there’s no way of knowing exactly what will happen after back surgery, many people are pleasantly surprised to find that the recovery period is shorter than expected. Here’s a review from a recent patient:

“I suffered for years until Dr. Sharma did back surgery for me. I am amazed at the ease and the short 4 week period of recovery I had this has been the easiest surgery I have had to me it was even less painful then the prior neck fusion I had in the past. Dr. Sharma is the best of the best this has been my third spinal surgery.”

For this patient, the recovery period was four weeks. Not only did he begin to feel better during this four week period, but when it came to an end he felt like he was finally able to take back his life.

If a long recovery period has you scared of scheduling a necessary procedure, learn more about what to realistically expect.

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