Poor Spinal Alignment Leads to Many Side Effects

Poor spinal alignment is every bit as concerning as it sounds. If left untreated, it can result in a variety of side effects including but not limited to:

Lower back pain

•    Poor posture: When the spine is not aligned, other parts of the body have to work harder. They don’t have proper support. And when that happens, you’ll begin to notice fatigue, such as in your legs.
•    Nerve constriction: A misaligned spine can affect the nerves of the back and neck, with constant pressure placed on them. Pinched nerves are painful and uncomfortable, which once again can result in fatigue.
•    Subluxations: A subluxation is when a vertebra is out of alignment with the rest of the spine. This puts unnecessary stress on the spinal column, nerves, and blood vessels. Subsequently, the blood supply to local muscles is restricted. 

If you have any reason to suspect poor spinal alignment, don’t wait to seek treatment. For example, chiropractic care may be just what you need. But of course, if something more serious is causing your issue, you’ll want to consult with a back specialist. Letting this issue linger puts you at risk for greater pain and damage in the future. 

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