Physical Therapy: For Use Before and After Back Surgery

Back PainWhat are your thoughts on physical therapy as treatment for your back injury?

While many people are onboard with the idea, others don’t realize just how much it can do for them.

Here’s something you need to know: physical therapy can be useful both before and after back surgery.

For example, the stability and strength built during physical therapy can reduce recovery time after surgery. Along with this, it gives you an inside look at the things you can do to improve your health in the future.

After surgery, at the direction of your medical team, physical therapy is every bit as important. At this point, your injury has been repaired. Now, all you’re trying to do is regain your strength so you can return to your normal life.

There are times when back pain can be treated with physical therapy alone. There are also times when surgery is required, meaning that it is combined with physical therapy before and after the procedure.

If you’re wondering if physical therapy is the best way to treat your current back pain, while also avoiding additional trouble in the future, you’ll want to consult with a medical professional. Feel free to contact our office to setup an appointment.