Neck and Arm Pain Often Go Together Hand in Hand

pain-treatment-virginiaThere are times when neck pain is isolated. There are also times when neck pain is associated with discomfort in other parts of your body, such as your arms.

If you find yourself facing both neck and arm pain, be sure to pay close attention to when it comes and goes.

For example, if the pain is gradual in onset and has been lingering for several days or weeks, there’s a good chance the cervical spine is involved in some way.

A ruptured disc, for example, can result in pressure on the nerves that run through the spinal canal. When this happens, it can result in both pain and a burning sensation in the arms. In the most severe cases, weakness and tingling may also come into play.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat neck and arm pain. To start, you’ll want to identify the problem. From there, you can opt for conservative treatment, such as the use of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.

If you don’t notice any change over the course of a month, it’s time to consult with a neurosurgeon. Your doctor can order the appropriate tests, such as an MRI, while also discussing your many options for treating the problem once and for all.

We know that neck and arm pain can slow you down. We also know that there are ways to improve your health. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re more than happy to do whatever we can to help you find the relief you deserve!