Neck and Arm Pain can Slow you Down

It’s bad enough if you’re experiencing neck pain. Add arm pain to the equation and you may find it difficult to keep up with your day to day life.

If your pain does not subside with rest, it’s important to understand the treatment options that are available. With the right strategy, you can put your pain in the past once and for all.

Has your arm and neck pain been coming on over the course of several days or weeks? If so, it’s common for the cervical spine to be involved. This is the upper part of the spine that makes up the neck.

When arm and neck pain originates from the cervical spine, a conservative treatment approach should be implemented for a period of four weeks. This should include anti-inflammatory medications, along with physical therapy.

Over time, if things don’t improve, there may not be any option outside of surgery. This may sound serious, and it is, but an experienced surgeon can fix your problem once and for all. Better yet, a long hospital stay is not required.

Although neck and arm pain may have prevented you from living your life to this point, it doesn’t have to be this way in the future.

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