Minimally Invasive Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

If you’ve experimented with conservative treatment for spinal stenosis and have yet to find relief, it may be time to learn more about your surgical options. While laminectomies, a type of open spine surgery is an option, more people than ever are choosing minimally invasive surgery. Here’s why:

  • Less pain: The recovery from minimally invasive surgery is much less extensive than a traditional open back procedure. For example, it’s not uncommon for the pain from laminectomies to last 12 months or longer. 
  • Less blood loss and a reduced risk of infection: With open surgery, a large portion of your organs and surrounding body parts are exposed. This leads to a greater risk of infection. That’s in addition to a greater risk of blood loss. 
  • Improved function: With minimally invasive surgery, your doctor can pinpoint the exact source of the problem. This allows them to target that area without damaging anything around it. 

The trend of minimally invasive surgery for spinal stenosis is on the rise. If you have reason to believe it’s the solution to your problem, consult with an experienced surgeon to learn more about your options. Virginia Spine Specialists is an award-winning, minimally invasive spinal care practice with locations in Fredericksburg, VA and Manassas, VA. We also serve these Northern and Central Virginia locations: Haymarket, Gainesville, Culpepper, Front Royal, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Colonial Beach, Tappahannock and Lake Anna.