Is Your Mattress Causing Your Back Pain?

There are times when back pain is directly related to a particular activity, such as attempting to move a large piece of furniture.

Conversely, there are also situations in which this pain sets in over time. If this has happened to you, your mattress may be the culprit.

Think about it this way: you spend many hours on your mattress every night. If it’s not constructed to provide you with the proper support, your back could begin to feel the pain soon enough.

Here are a few signs that your mattress is causing your back pain:

·      The pain begins to set in as the night wears on.

·      The pain is worst during the early morning hours, but slowly subsides during the day.

·      You wake up frequently, tossing and turning in an attempt to get comfortable.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to get a new mattress. This one change could do wonders for your back pain, as well as many other areas of your overall health.

It’s hard for many people to believe, but the wrong mattress can quickly cause back pain. If you don’t do anything about this, if you continue to sleep on the mattress, things will only get worse over time.

If now’s the time for a change, visit your local mattress store to see what else is available. Along with this, don’t hesitate to receive treatment for your pain. You don’t want it to linger any longer!