Lower Back Pain Cured Through Surgery

back and neck painMany people suffering from lower back pain are under the impression that they have no choice but to live with the discomfort for the rest of their life. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently, we treated at patient at our Fredericksburg location who was suffering from lower back problems after an injury at home.

After being treated with medication and physical therapy, the patient visited us to learn more about his back injury, as well as the numbness and tingling in his legs.

It took two visits, along with an MRI, to determine that the patient was a good candidate for surgery. After quickly getting him on the schedule, we completed the short procedure and the results were astounding.

The same afternoon, our patient began walking with a walker. He said it was the first time he felt good on his feet in as long as he could remember. Over the next two weeks, we stayed in touch with the patient, as he continued to make progress toward walking on his own.

Here’s what he had to say about our practice:

“I feel like a new person and my confidence in Dr. Sharma has proven to be 100% solid. I would heartily recommend Dr. Sharma and his team to anyone. It was the best medical decision I have ever made.”

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped a patient reclaim control of their life!

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