Get up and Get Moving! How Inactivity Can Increase Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain of almost any type, including back pain, you are at risk for developing a physical “disuse” syndrome. This syndrome describes the effects on the body and mind when a person is sedentary.
Disuse syndrome was first described in 1984 and has received a lot of attention in regards to back, and other, chronic pain problems. This condition goes beyond chronic pain problems and has even been called, “the base of much human ill-being.” Unfortunately, our sedentary society has fostered the emergence of disuse syndrome.
Not using our bodies enough can lead to a deterioration of many body functions. In other words, the old adage applies: “Use it or lose it.”
Disuse syndrome causes physiological changes that can lead to pain. The syndrome has been described as follows: “Inactivity plays a pervasive role in our lack of wellness. Disuse is physically, mentally, and spiritually debilitating.” Experts often cite disuse syndrome as a key variable in the perpetuation of many chronic pain problems.
Disuse syndrome can cause a number of medical problems and increase the likelihood of a chronic pain syndrome developing or becoming worse. It can also lead to a many emotional changes that are associated with an increased perception of pain.
If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from back pain, you may be dealing with disuse syndrome. Dr. Sharma can diagnose your condition and guide you toward a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.