How to Treat Lower Back Stiffness at Home

spine healthDo you have a stiff lower back? Has this been a problem for an extended period of time? Have you yet to look into your many treatment options?

There are a variety of ways to treat lower back stiffness at home, but before you do so there’s something you need to know: there’s no replacement for a medical diagnosis.

If your pain doesn’t subside in a reasonable period of time, you shouldn’t continue to “fight through it.” Instead, you need to consult with a medical professional who can run the necessary tests to determine exactly what’s going on.

Here are several of the best ways to treat lower back stiffness at home:

·      Get more sleep (on the right type of mattress). When you sleep you give your back time to recover. Furthermore, when you sleep on a comfortable and supportive mattress there’s a better chance of making a recovery.

·      Use both cold and hot therapy. There are times when an ice pack is just what you need in order to relieve your back pain and stiffness. Just the same, a heating pad could be the answer to your problem.

·      Exercise. It may sound like a bad idea to exercise with a stiff back, but if you stretch appropriately and stick to the basics you can do your body some good.

As noted above, if your back stiffness doesn’t go away, you shouldn’t continue to treat it at home and hope for the best. Instead, contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about the cause and potential treatment options.