How to Prevent Common Back Injuries During the Winter Season

back and neck painWith the winter season in full swing, it’s only natural for you to change your approach to day to day living.

While this means many things, there’s one point that stands out from the crowd: your safety.

The winter season can bring forth a variety of situations that improve the chance of suffering a back injury. Here are three that you want to avoid at all costs:

·      Slip and fall. When the snow begins to fall and the ice accumulates, the chance of an outdoor slip and fall accident goes through the roof. If this happens, you could suffer a serious back or neck injury.

·      Fall from height. An example of this is someone who is using a ladder to hang holiday lights on his or her home. The same holds true for a homeowner who climbs to their roof to knock snow down. If you’re going to work at height, make sure safety comes first.

·      Heavy lifting. The winter season, especially during the holidays, may call for you to do some heavy lifting. Rather than attempt to carry a heavy item on your own (such as a television or piece of furniture), turn this into a team lift.

If you suffer a back injury this winter season, don’t wait to receive medical treatment. We’re more than happy to learn more about your injury and provide detailed information on what to do next.