How To Prevent Back Pain When Traveling

In today’s day and age, who isn’t on the go? It seems like everyone is always on the go, trying to balance their hectic schedules. However, an unfortunate downside to this is that a person’s health can often suffer, including their back health.

Long periods of driving and sitting, improper posture, stress, and too little sleep can all play a role in back and neck pain. While it’s usually not feasible for anyone to completely avoid these if they are already a part of their normal schedule, there are steps they can take to

Pack Light – One of the first steps a person who is constantly on the go could take to prevent back pain is to pack lightly. Packing light generally sounds like a good idea to people, but is often times not put into practice. Then people are forced to hoist, drag, and carry heavier loads for extended period of time, which puts undue stress on the body. Next time you’re going to be on the go, try to only take the absolute necessities.lessen their risk of incurring back or neck pain.

Ten and Two – It’s one of the first things we learn in driver’s ed and one of the first things most people neglect to do once they’re done. Elbows propped up on car doors or slouching with one hand reaching to hold the wheel at noon are two common positions that can place unnecessary stress on the neck and back. Instead, try to remember to place your hands in the ten and two positions, keeping your elbows dropped.

Study Ergonomics – With the technology made available in cars today, it seems crazy that anybody would not take some quality time to determine the appropriate settings for them. Adjusting the distance from the wheel, the height, position and height of the headrest can all help to alleviate back pain. This is also something that should be practiced in any seated setting, including when working.

These are only a few options that can help you avoid back pain throughout your travels and hectic schedule. While it may be tough to always plan ahead when facing deadlines, your health should never be placed on the back burner.