How to Prevent a Slip and Fall Accident This Winter

The fall and winter months bring many changes to the weather. For example, you can expect rain during the fall months and snow and ice during the winter months. And that doesn’t even take into consideration falling temperatures. With all this in mind, you must take your health and well-being into consideration. That means taking steps to prevent a slip and fall accident. Here’s what you should do:

  • Wear the right shoes: Before you leave home, make sure you put on shoes with plenty of tread life. This goes a long way in helping you maintain traction on slippery surfaces caused by rain, snow, and/or ice. 
  • Keep your hands free: You need your hands to steady yourself. You need your hands to grab ahold of an object if you begin to fall. You need your hands to break your fall. So, don’t put your hands in your pocket or hold onto an object — such as groceries — for too long. 
  • Watch for slippery floors indoors: Don’t let your guard down when you finally make your way indoors. Keep in mind that rainwater and snow from the outside can be tracked inside. And when that happens, there’s a greater chance of slipping.

A slip and fall accident can cause serious injuries, ranging from sprains and strains to neck and back fractures. The tips above can help keep you safe over the months to come. 

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