Helpful Equipment to Have After Back Surgery

Last week, we talked about nutritional and medical items to have on hand prior to undergoing back surgery. The goal is to make yourself as comfortable as possible so you can heal. But, the time for planning is before your procedure takes place, to be sure you have everything ready for your recovery.
Certain equipment items can make a world of difference in providing comfort and ease after spinal surgery. Ask your healthcare provider about suitability for your particular situation, but here is a list of items to consider purchasing prior to surgery:
Ice packs and heating pads: Hot and cold therapies go a long way toward soothing pain after back surgery. Ask your nurse, pharmacist or physician how to use these items correctly.
Body pillow: Your most comfortable sleeping position may vary after surgery, and a body pillow may help you find the sleeping and reclining options that work best for you. As you lie in bed, place a pillow under your knees to keep them slightly elevated and prevent added stress to your lower back.
Trash bags and silk pajamas: Sliding in and out of bed is much easier with these slippery items. You can place a trash bag on the surface of your bed to reduce friction when you slide into place.
Cane or walker: Moving around as soon as possible will help you to feel better. These items can provide the security and support you need to make your first steps after surgery.
Shower chair: Spend extra time in the shower to allow the heat and steam to ease your aches. A shower chair can help you to do that, as well as make bathing safer and easier.
Toilet riser: This essential item will make it easier to get on and off the toilet. It is simply a rounded piece of molded plastic that fits on your existing seat and increases its height to a more comfortable level.
Gripper or reacher: These items can be placed strategically around the house to help you grab items that may be out of reach after your surgery.
Back scratcher: Finally, this simple item may come in handy in the days after surgery when you have pain that prevents you from scratching your back (just avoid the wound).
What other post-back surgery items do you recommend? Share your suggestions with our readers in the comments section below.