Good Posture is a Must on a Summer Road Trip

spinal-cordDo you have big plans to take a summer road trip? Are you ready to hit the road, but a bit concerned that so many hours behind the wheel will take a toll on your neck and back?

Rather than cancel your trip and miss out on an exciting experience, there are several posture related tips you can follow. Here are some to keep in mind from the moment you get behind the wheel:

·      Adjust your seat for comfort. The seat position you use for daily driving may not be ideal when spending hours on end on the highway. Don’t be afraid to adjust your seat as you drive, constantly searching for the perfect position.

·      Use lumbar support. If available in your vehicle, be sure to use the lumbar support feature to help keep a consistent arch in your lower back.

·      Sit up straight. It can be difficult to do as you wear down, but keeping an upright position (with your shoulders back) is a must. If you don’t do this, your back and neck will slowly begin to ache. Slouching is a big no-no.

·      Take breaks. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spending too many consecutive hours on the road without a break. Don’t be shy about pulling over, stretching your neck and back, and giving your body a few minutes to recover.

Final tip: if you find yourself dealing with any pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to stop your vehicle and diagnose what’s going on. Pushing through the pain will only make things worse.

With these tips in mind, we hope you have the road trip you’ve been dreaming of. Happy driving!