Good Posture can Contribute to Improved Back Health

4 alternative back pain therapiesAre you seeking ways to improve the overall health of your back and neck? Are you wondering if there are changes you can make in your daily life to feel better?

While good posture can’t heal a back injury, it’s definitely something you need to think about.

If you find yourself slouching, either when standing or sitting, you need to consciously change your approach. Here are a few tips you can follow:

·      Keep your knees slightly bent when standing

·      Keep your shoulders back when sitting (such as at your computer desk)

·      Let your arms hang naturally

·      Make an effort to pull your shoulders back if you feel yourself slouching

·      Tuck in your stomach, as this will naturally improve your posture

It can be difficult to get into the habit of doing these things, but doing so will bring many improvements to your health and appearance.

If you continue to slouch, day after day, it can eventually take a toll on your back health. This is particularly true if you are already dealing with another type of back or neck injury.

Do you have reason to believe that poor posture is contributing to your back problems? Are you suffering pain or discomfort for any reason? Contact us to setup an appointment and discuss your treatment options.