Good Care Starts with the First Visit

dr-sharmaIf you’re suffering from back or neck pain, it’s easy to begin to believe that there’s no end in sight. However, if you find the right doctor and staff, you’ll once again have the confidence you need to find a solution to your problem.

Good care starts with the first visit. When patients visit our office, we do whatever it takes to put their mind at ease and help them feel at home.

For example, here’s a testimonial we received from a recent patient:

The first office visit turned out even better. When I first got there, a lovely young lady named Jansi started helping me because Krystal had stepped away from the window for a few minutes. She was just as sweet as Krystal. She helped me fill out some insurance forms that I was supposed to have completed before I got there.

The first visit sets the tone for the rest of your experience. If things go as planned, you’ll feel confident in the doctor’s ability to take care of your problem. Conversely, if the first visit leaves something to be desired, you may struggle with the idea of proceeding.

It’s our goal to provide every patient with the care they deserve from the first visit through their final treatment. By doing so, we’re able to help all our patients feel better about their injury and potential for making a full recovery.

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