Don’t Let Sciatica Alter Your Life

As your sciatica worsens, there’s a good chance it’ll impact your life in a number of ways. And depending on how severe it becomes, you may find it difficult to live the life you’ve come to enjoy.

Recently, we consulted with a patient who had sciatica originating at her spine. This resulted in extreme pain and discomfort – almost 24 hours a day – radiating down her left leg and foot. It included tingling and the sensation of her feet falling asleep, along with what was described as small “electric shocks.”

After living with this condition for more than 20 years – yes, 20 years – she finally decided to get help. Two weeks after her surgery, she reported back to us with almost no pain. And best yet, all of the symptoms she dealt with for more than two decades were finally in the past.

Sciatica is one of those health concerns that you may learn to live with, despite the far-reaching impact on your life. Rather than continue to deal with the pain and side effects, it’s time to seek action. There are a variety of treatment options available to you, with surgery among them. We’ll help you settle on a plan that best suits your lifestyle and injury. 

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