Don’t Let Lower Back Problems Linger

Rather than seek medical guidance, many people learn to live with lower back pain. While it’s your hope that it goes away over time, this isn’t typically the case if you have a serious ailment.

For example, we recently consulted with a patient who had suffered with lower back pain for several years. But it wasn’t until he found himself in excruciating pain, as the result of a DIY project, that led him to seek help.

Pain manegement

During our first consultation, we found that he had been relying on pain medication and physical therapy to get by. However, he also noted that he thought the therapy was actually making his problem worse.

After ordering another MRI, we were able to pinpoint the problem and schedule his surgery. Here’s what he had to say:

The surgery went GREAT! I walked that afternoon with a walker for the 1st time and I was dumbfounded at how steady my gate was and how easy it was to predict what my legs did. I felt 20 years younger. Every aspect of my recovery of the past 16 days has been wonderful.

If you continue to let your lower back problems linger, you could reach a point when you’re unable to live your life. Fortunately, with a proper diagnosis, you can better understand your treatment options and how to resolve your pain once and for all. 

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