Don’t Let a Past Back Injury Dictate Your Future

If you’ve suffered a back injury in the past, you may be at the point in your life when you believe there’s no solution. But despite the fact that you’ve been living with pain for many years, there’s an answer to every problem.

Pain manegement

We recently consulted with a former Marine Corps pilot who suffered a back fracture in an accident more than 35 years ago. Despite three surgeries since then, he continued to suffer. When added to degenerative disc disease, he relied heavily on opioids to manage the pain.

After consulting with him and discussing treatment options, we agreed to a minimally invasive procedure with the idea of reducing his pain and reliance on opioids.

Four months after the surgery he was optimistic about eventually living a pain-free life. Here’s what he had to say:

“Dr. Sharma is very personable and compassionate yet candid. Results attest to his extraordinary medical competence. My opioid intake is approximately ⅓ of what it was pre-op and I anticipate terminating use completely within a month. Overall quality of life continues to improve significantly and I am extraordinarily grateful to Dr. Sharma.”

So, even if you have a longstanding back injury, don’t give up on finding a solution.

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