Don’t Let a Herniated Disc Ruin Your Life

Surgery team in the operating room .Even if you’ve never experienced a herniated disc, you probably know someone who has. And if you’ve done even a little bit of research on this injury, you realize that it can limit your ability to live life to the fullest.

While a herniated disc is a serious injury that has the potential to stop you dead in your tracks, it’s critical to remember one thing: there are a variety of treatment options that can help you eliminate the pain and related symptoms once and for all.

Recently, we consulted with a patient who was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L3/L4. After many years of suffering, another doctor finally diagnosed the problem as degenerative disc disease.

We ordered another MRI, which clearly showed that he had a herniated disc. From there, we scheduled minimally invasive surgery and prepped the patient accordingly.

Within two weeks, the patient was pain free and back to living the life he once enjoyed. Best yet, he hasn’t run into any additional issues since the procedure.

A herniated disc – especially one that is misdiagnosed – has the potential ruin your life. Don’t let that happen!

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