Don’t be Quick to Opt for Open Back Surgery

How to soothe your nagging back painWhen your back pain becomes unbearable, it’s only natural to do whatever it takes to find relief. Unfortunately, this often leads patients to make a rash decision that causes more harm than good.

While open back surgery sounds like a great idea – especially if it’s recommended by your doctor – it’s not something you should agree to without first doing all your homework.

Here are three reasons why you’ll want to carefully consider this type of procedure:

·      You may not need surgery at all. Think about back surgery as a last resort. Until you have tried everything else – such as physical therapy – you don’t want to go down this path.

·      Minimally invasive surgery may be an option. When compared to open back surgery, this procedure is more accurate, less painful, and is associated with a quicker recovery time.

·      It doesn’t always work. Don’t let anyone tell you that open back surgery is a “magic pill” to feeling your best once again. There’s a chance that this procedure could fail, thus leaving you in a worse position.

Now do you understand why you should carefully consider your treatment options before making any decision?

If you think that open back surgery is your only option, you should quickly reconsider. There may be other things you can do to take back your life. Contact us to learn more about minimally invasive surgery.