Do You Need to Consult with a Nerve Expert?

Nerve damage is every bit as serious and debilitating as it sounds. If you don’t correct this problem as soon as possible, it has the potential to impact your quality of life (while also causing regular pain and discomfort).

Recently, we consulted with a patient who suspected nerve damage for many years. However, his previous medical team continually skirted around the issue.

After ordering another MRI, we were able to confirm nerve damage as a result of various spinal issues. Subsequently, we agreed that surgery was the best path forward. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

The surgery went GREAT! I walked that afternoon with a walker for the 1st time and I was dumbfounded at how steady my gate was and how easy it was to predict what my legs did. I felt 20 years younger. Every aspect of my recovery of the past 16 days has been wonderful.

For patients who have been suffering for many years, it’s easy to believe that there’s no cure available. So, they continue to live in pain and hope for the best.

Rather than take this approach, don’t stop until you pinpoint the root cause of your issue. Soon enough, you’ll know exactly what you’re up against – such as nerve damage – which allows you to take immediate action.

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