Did You Hear a Loud Pop in Your Neck?

It goes without saying that you never want to hear a loud pop in your neck. And that’s especially true if it’s followed by pain or discomfort. Should this happen, it’s critical that you stop what you’re doing to assess your health. Generally speaking, there are three injuries that can result in a loud pop in your neck:

  • Muscle injury: Putting excessive strain on a neck muscle can result in a tear, which is sometimes accompanied by a popping sound. 
  • Ligament or tendon injury: A tendon strain or ligament sprain can both cause popping noises and sudden pain. 
  • Neck joint injury: Just the same as muscles, ligaments, and tendons, there are many joints in your neck. Contained within these joints is cartilage. A cartilage tear can cause a popping sound.

If you hear a loud pop in your neck, it’s likely to be followed up by pain and discomfort. Rather than attempt to treat your injury at home, consult with a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis. This will ensure that you understand your injury and the best treatment strategy. Ignoring the injury could result in additional damage, thus increasing the risk of long-term pain.

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