Daily Tips to Prevent Lower Back and Leg Pain

Do you suffer from lower back and/or leg pain? Do you have reason to believe you’re bringing this on yourself, such as through the activities you partake in throughout the day?

For example, here are some common mistakes you may be making:

• Sitting with your legs crossed for an extended period of time
• Standing with your toes pointed outwards
• Slumping over in your chair or when walking

Here are some basic tips you can implement to prevent lower back and leg pain:

• Get up and stretch: Don’t sit in the same position for too long. Instead, every 30 to 60 minutes, get up and stretch your legs, back, and neck. This is also a good time to perform some simple exercises to prevent tightness.
• Keep your hips above your knees: When sitting, adjust your seat to ensure that your hips are slightly above knee level. You should be able to place your feet on the floor, with your toes facing forward. Cut back on how often you cross your legs, as this can put strain on your joints, ligaments, and muscles.
• Stagger your stance: If you stand for a long portion of your day, stagger your stance with one leg in front of the other. Also, keep a slight bend in your knees to reduce pressure.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but following these tips may be the answer to preventing lower back and leg pain in the future.

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