Could These Common Outdoor Activities Cause a Serious Back Injury?

back and neck painLike many people, you may enjoy spending a good amount of time outdoors. This is particularly true when the weather is warm and the sun is shining bright.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful about how you treat your body, a common outdoor activity could soon take its toll on the health of your back and/or neck.

Here are a few common outdoor activities that can cause a serious back injury:

·      Mowing the lawn. Depending on your health, the size of your lawn, and the grade, this basic task can soon become a challenge. Pushing yourself too far can result in a serious injury.

·      Gardening. This sounds like fun, until you realize that it could lead to big time pain. For example, lifting heavy bags of dirt or mulch could wreak havoc on your back or neck.

·      Running. Improper running technique is more likely to take a toll on your legs, but your back could be impacted as well.

Just because these potential injuries are lurking around the corner doesn’t mean you should hide indoors. It simply means you should be aware of your surroundings, as this will allow you to “back off” should you be pushing yourself too far.

If you suffer any injury as the result of an outdoor activity, don’t wait to contact us. We can examine your back and/or neck to help you decide on the best treatment strategy.